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Wine Country Star Gazing, Developed and Hosted by WCWS
About the Instruments

We have a number of scopes and astronomers to operate them for your event. Our flagship scope is the 16" Cyclops, and we have a a 16" and a 12" Newtonian Truss Tube telescopes.  Our partnering astronomers have a variety of other high end telescopes. 

Cyclops is a 16" Newtonian reflector built on a split ring equatorial mount.  The 16" primary mirror is ground from Pyrex to f 4.5.  The mirror cell's 18 mirror contact points were designed using Plop, and the optical tube baffle rings were located using Newt.   A year in design, five years in construction.   First light was July 3, 2010, all original design aspects completed Jan 2012.

• Top of the line 'Space Walk' eyepieces

   A view so big you have to look around to see it all.  It's like having your
   face pressed up to a spaceship window.


• 16" Pyrex mirror

    Pyrex is unique in that it holds it's shape with change in temperature.
    The large size gathers a lot of light, making for big bright images.


• Solid, baffle ringed optical tube

    The computer calculated baffle rings stop stray light from getting onto
    the mirror, making for high contrast views.


• Curved vane spider

    This custom design prevents the diffraction spikes normally seen around 
    bright objects (like stars) in other telescopes of this design.


• Split Ring Equatorial Mount

    Similar in design to the 200" Hale Telescope on Mt. Palomar,  this is a 
    stable, accurate mount.


• Sidereal Technology SiTech servo motor control system

    Faster, more accurate, more powerful, and far quieter than stepper motor systems.  Shaft
    encoders allow a guest to accidently lean on the telescope, slip the clutches, and the
    motors immediately kick in putting the scope back on target.  This is a huge benefit especially
    for winery events where people might be a bit tipsy.

 • Mirror Spec.s

    16" f4.5 (.4064 meter)
    P-V Error 1/6 wave / .23
    Strehl Ratio .965
    Focal Length = 72.5" = 1841.5mm


    12" f 5 
    Focal Length 60" = 1524mm

    20" f 4 dream scope 80" = 2032mm

12.5" f 8 planetary scope 100" = 2540mm

• Power

    focal length of scope/focal length of eyepiece = power

20" f 4
16" f 4.5
12" f 5
12.5" f 8
31mm Nagler  66x 59x 49x 81x
26mm Nagler  78x 71x 58x 97x
21mm Ethos  97x 88x 73x 120x
20mm Nagler  102x 92x 76x 127x
17mm Ethos  120x 108x 90x 149x
13mm Ethos  156x 141x 117x 195x
8mm Ethos  254x 230x 190x 317x