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The 16" Cyclops transports on a trailer, so needs a relatively flat area to unload the telescope.  The scope rolls on wheels from the unload point to the viewing area, but it's a bit of a chore, so it'd be nice if the viewing area is within about 20 yards of the trailer.  The telescope has a width of about 5 feet, so any gates that we might need to roll the scope through need to be that wide.  It won't fit through a standard 'man' gate.

The 16" and 12" Lightbridge scopes are more flexible in getting them to the viewing area from the unloading area.

It is best if the viewing area be somewhat level, and somewhat smooth ground.  Astronomy is an outdoor nature event, and the equipment can certainly handle unimproved areas; we don't need a perfectly manicured lawn or smooth concrete pad, just keep in mind that severely rutted, rocky, or hilly terrain may not be suitable.

It is also important that there be a fairly unobstructed view of the sky, with a minimum of lights in the area.  If the event is to be held on an area that has automatic sprinklers, it is imperative that they be disabled or covered with buckets during the event.