Parts used on the telescope were purchased from:


2" Feather Touch Focuser with compression ring and brake from Starlight Instruments


Howie Glatter's Barlowed Laser makes collimating fast.


2" 12mm Type 4, 21mm Type 2, and 26mm Type 5 and 31mm Type 5 Nagler eyepieces from Televue


Tap Plastics marine grade epoxy resin to glass the optical tube and high density polyethylene plastic in various thicknesses.


Aluminum came from Alco metal supply in Vallejo.


I sourced the 2" and 1" pillow block bearings and 2" flange bearings from eBay.


I sourced the primary and secondary mirror from a private party in Canada through Astromart


Special tools used: 

I used this 3 1/2 h.p. Milwaukee Router.  Soft start, two wrench collet, variable speed, through the table height adjustment.  This tool rocks.


I used the Makita LS1013FL 15 Amp 10-Inch Dual Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw with Laser and Fluorescent Light.  This link may not work at some point at Amazon.  I'm here to tell you this is the best most accurate compound sliding miter saw on the market.  10" has less blade flex that 12", the saw is direct drive (all the rest are belt drive) so the motor has an electric brake which really speeds use.  The two slide rails each have a slide bearing.  All other brands have one slide bearing, and the other rail has a plastic bushing.  The laser shines a line while the saw is OFF!  All other saws have the laser attached to the blade arbor and the blade must be spinning.  Also, the laser easily moves from one side of the cut to the other.